Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

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Coin Depth Detection: 9"
Large Object Detection: 4 feet
Low Battery Indicator
Tone Target Discrimination: 3 Tone
Digital Target Identification
Number of Target Segments: 9
Auto Notch System
Variable Notch System
No-motion Pinpointing
Ground Balance System: Auto
Coil Size and Type: 8" Open
8" Waterproof, Interchangeable coil
LCD Readout System
No Motion All Metal Mode of Operation
Excellent Recovery Rate
Discriminate Adjustment
Auto-Notch (for automatic elimination of common undersirable objects)
3-Level iron discrimination
Hadphone jack
Notch Mode (to manually "notch-out" a specific range of items)
3-Tone audio discrimination
No-motion Pinpointing Mode
Ground Track
Requires Two 9-volt Alkaline batteries
5-year Limited Warranty