Bounty Hunter Camo-LS Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $449.95

Number of Reviews: 2

Avg. Rating (4.5 Stars) best rated

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Coin Depth Detection: 10"
Large Object Detection: 5 feet
Tone Target Discrimination: 3 Tone
Depth Indication
Auto Notch System
Variable Notch System
Ground Balance System: Auto & Manual
Coil Size and Type: 8" Open
Ground Track (automatic ground balancing)
Manual ground balance
4-level Iron Discrimination
Digital Coin-Depth Indicator
Touch Pad Selection
3-Tone Audio Discrimination
Notch Mode (to manually "notch-out" a specific range of items)
Auto-notch (for automatic elimination of common targets)
No-Motion Mode
8" Waterproof search coil
5-year Limited Warranty

One of the Best for the Price

Anthony Williams in Illinois - best
I have to say that I started with a Loan Star. It's a very nice Metal Detector. It's deep and can discriminate well but I took it back for the Camo LS - this thing will find anything in the ground! I've tried a lot of metal detectors in the 200$ - 400$ price range and fell in love with Garrett 350 Ace. Garrett has its work cut out on this product. A solid tone is the way to go. Garrett 350 Ace has everything you need to professionally hunt for whatever. It's made in America. I am truly in love.

Aug 26, 2012
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Great For the Money

Bounty Killing in usa - good
I've seen this detector go head to head against a more expensive White's detector and come out on top. This machine has never let me down.

May 28, 2012
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