Fisher F19 LTD Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

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• Operating principle: VLF induction balance
• Operation Frequency: 19 kHz
• Ground balance range: from ferrite to salt water inclusive
• Continuous Ground Condition Readout: Ground Phase value indicates type of mineralization
• Fe3O4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization
• Notch Window with Adjustable Notch Width
• Static All Metal Pinpoint with Depth Indicator
• Enhanced V-Break, Tone Discrimination System
• Computerized Ground Grab, One Touch Ground Balance with Manual Override
• Discrimination ground suppression
• Target-ID ground suppression
• Search Coil: 10 x 5 inches (25.4 x 12.7 cm) DD or 10 inches (25.4 cm) DD, waterproof
• Backlit Display (Backlight)
• Batteries: Single 9 volt rectangular alkaline
• Battery life: 15+ hours on good quality alkaline (less using backlight)
• Operating temp range: 14 to 122 degrees F (-10 to +50 C)
• Operating humidity range: 0 - 90% noncondensing
• Mechanical Body Design: S-rod with electronics housing on rod, 3-piece breakdown construction, nonmetallic telescoping lower rod, adjustable position Armrest
• Total Weight: 5 lbs. (2.27 kgs.)
• 5 Year Limited Warranty