Saxon SM45 Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $575.00 (420 EUR)

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• Robust but lightweight Aluminium construction (with minimal use of plastics)
• Full range discrimination from nails to ringpulls (means less unnecessary digging)
• Full range sensitivty control (for difficult sites and salt wet beaches)
• All metal pinpoint switch
• Detachable 8 inch 2D 100% carbon screened searchcoil (with good quality plug and socket)
• Advanced microchip electronics (with low battery consumption)
• Excellent response to small gold and silver coins
• Power Supply: 8 x 12V AA batteries
• Detachable telescopic shaft (infinitely adjustable)
• On board charger socket (easily converts to rechargeables)
• Built-in speaker
• Headphone socket
• Automatic ground balance (just switch on and go)
• Interchangeable searchcoils available (5 inches and 12 inches)
• Warranty: two years parts and labour