Aka Sorex Pro 7281 Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $846.00 (620.00 EUR)

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• Operation Frequencies: 1 to 30 kHz
• Automatic compensator input allows to reach sensitivity to 65cm for 25mm coin (with the search coil 10-inch DD/7kHz )
• A unique algorithm for identification of flat metal objects (S- algorithms)
• Large high contrastable LCD display (128x64mm)
• Immediate visualization of targets during search
• HOLOGRAPH identification of targets: spectral - graphic images
• Two independent channels of search: RT (Real Time) and ST (Short Tone)
• 4 modes of sound indication with possibility of setting the tone and limits of sound
• Automatic and Manual Ground Balance
• Automatic correction of ground balance with adjustable speed readjustment
• Dynamic and static modes of searching
• Unique algorithm discriminatory suppression and display "hot rocks"
• 6 course menu with instant access to all primary and secondary settings
• A quick overview of the status of the master settings
• S- shaped ergonomic design
• Waterproof search coil
• Waterproof housing electronic control module
• Possibility for rapid operational change of search coils in the field without presets
• Power Supply: 4 x 1,5 V AA batteries
• Battery life: up to 30 hours, depending on modes
• Weight with batteries: 1.15 kg (2.5lbs)
• Additional search coils:
- 6 inches/ 14kHz
- 6 x 10 inches - 7kHz or 14kHz or 19kHz
- 9 x 12 inches - 7kHz or 14kHz
- 13 inches - 3kHz or 7kHz
- 15 inches - 3kHz