DeepTech Vista Gold Reviews, Price and Specifications

Gold Nugget Metal Detector

Retail Price:.600.00 EUR ($820.00)

Number of Reviews: 2

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• Operating Frequency: 25 kHz
• Detector type: motion
• Sensitivity control
• Volume control
• Two discrimination modes - silent discrimination and two tone discrimination in ALL metal mode - low tone for ferrous and high tone for non-ferrous metals
• Quick recovery speed
• Adjustable recovery speed – slow/fast
• Volume Adjustable Iron tone (low tone)
• Booster
• Searchcoil Type: DD
• Searchcoil Size: 11 inches
• Audio Frequency( approx.): 780Hz
• Weight ( without batteries ): 1.4kg (3lbs)
• Power Supply: 8 x 1,5 V AA Alkaline Batteries/rechargeable Batteries
• Battery Life: 20-25 hours
• LED control for Battery
• Optimal Temperature Range: 10-40 C

Lightning quick response times. Not suitable for parks.

Greg in Davie County, North Carolina - three stars
The DeepTech Vista Gold technically a deep relic/gold nugget detector. It does not do good in parks as it only has very minimal discrimination against aluminum pull tabs. It cannot eliminate the older steel pull tabs from the 70's. Not enough disc. for them. And bottle caps and screw caps will be detected as well. Thus, if your in a park, especially an older park, these steel square tabs and 'beavertails' will be dug by the hundreds. This detector simply doesn't have enough discrimination to eliminate them and doesn't have a notch feature either. And oh, as for the aluminum tabs, it only barely discriminates them out. If you're in an old area like an older house yard (early 60's or before), and sometimes you don't have to worry about these tabs so much, you can then go after goodies this detector was really designed to find like thin rings, chains, charms, etc. If you get tired of the low iron tones which is sometimes common in old yards, you can turn down iron sounds with the iron volume knob. It also has a regular single-tone disc. mode and an all-metal mode as well. Will find (very) small non-ferrous targets (lead bb's) at good depths (3-8 plus inches) and should really shine in the mountains when looking for small or large gold nuggets. No disc. is really needed in a place like this. It's very deep on coins and relics (11+ inches on dimes). When going over trash next to a coin, the trash has the low tone (which can be minimized with the iron volume knob) and immediately, the coin is detected right next to the trash. Very fast like the Teknetics T2, G2, Omega 8000, the Fisher F70, F75, the Garrett AT Pro/AT Gold, etc. but without a complicated screen to look at which can very often misidentify targets and class them incorrectly into the wrong category on the screen. It runs rings around slower detectors of which there are a lot of slow ones out there and many of which are produced by the name brand U.S. companies for that matter. So in summary, this machine is very tedious to use in parks as you'll dig yourself crazy on trash metals, but in old yards and in the mountains and deserts or around old fairgrounds, etc., this machine is hard to beat. Only a handful of models from only a few companies can match it as far as target response time goes. Not prone to 'coin masking'. Happy hunting!

May 01, 2014
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Deep but also a handful.

Greg in Advance, NC USA - good
Very deep on small items or deeper, medium targets but on the downside, you will be on your hands and knees digging up steel pull tab after steel pull tab as it has only very minimal discrimination. Basically only enough to eliminate an aluminum pull tab, some tinfoil. It very effectively eliminates most common-size nails on the plus side. NOT at all what you'd want to use in a trashy park unless the park is very old and has been historically good for finding the deep, old coins. Otherwise, I would strongly suggest this only as a backup machine in a trashy park. More specifically designed for gold/deep relics, not parks or even average house yards for that matter. The lawn would look like a battlefield with this very sensitive detector. For these two places, I would go with a Tesoro Vaquero or Tejon of which both seem to go deeper than the Vista Gold and also have full-range disc unlike the Vista Gold.

Apr 13, 2014
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