Nokta 109 Deep Pro Reviews, Price and Specifications

Crime Scene Investigation Metal Detector

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• Operating Principle: Induction Balance
• Operating Frequency: 17.5 KHz
• Metal Identification: Audio warning
• Audio Discrimination: 3 tones
• Sensitivity Setting: Manual
• Ground Balance: Manual
• Search Coil: 23cm (9 inches) waterproof Double-D
• Power Supply: 8 AA Batteries
• Headphone Output: 6.5mm socket
• Length: 125-145cm (49 inches - 57 inches) extendable
• Weight: 1.8kg (4.0bs) including the search coil
• Warranty: 2 years
• Nokta 109 Deep Pro is a metal detector specifically developed for technical excavations, crime scene investigations, and search & rescue operations. It will easily detect pipes installed underground and inside walls, cables, manhole covers as well as crime tools such as bullets, bullet shells, guns, and knives.