Nokta Velox One Reviews, Price and Specifications

Deep Penetrating Gold Nugget, Coin & Relic Detector

Retail Price: $1,100.00 (EUR 799.00)

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• Operating Principle: Induction Balance
• Operating Frequency: 17.5 KHz
• Audio Target Indication
• Sensitivity Setting: Manual
• Deep Ground Penetration
• Fast Recovery Speed
• 3 Tone Audio Discrimination
• Silent Search (No Threshold)
• Easy and Comfortable Use
• Superior Performance
• Ferrous Elimination
• Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
• Long Battery Life: 25-30 hours
• Light and Ergonomic Design
• Visual Discrimination: 2 LED's (Ferrous & Gold/Non-ferrous)
• Headphone Output: 1/4 inches mono socket
• Length: 125-145cm (49''-57'') extendable
• Weight: 2.0kg (4.4lbs) including the search coil
• Warranty: 2 years
• Ideal for coins, jewelry, relics, and small metals that are difficult to detect; Velox has been developed for tough ground conditions and is a great gold nugget detector.