Thrace Terra 2 Reviews, Price and Specifications

Pulse Induction (PI) Deep Seeking Metal Detector

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Thrace Terra 2


  • Principle of work: pulse Induction
  • Operation frequency: varies from 450Hz-650Hz
  • Search coil: 1.2 x 1.2 m
  • Additional search coil: 36 cm with a handle
  • Headphones: optional
  • Charger: 220V
  • Controls:
  • 'ON / VOLUME' – switches on the detector and volume control (max if you don’t use headphone)
  • 'FREQUENCY' – to change the operating frequency of the detector in range 450Hz-650Hz
  • 'THRESHOLD' – to adjust threshold level
  • 'DELAY' – to adjust Sensitivity, reduce the impact of mineralization of soil, eliminate certain undesirable metals in DISC mode, and to adjust the degree of selection for small objects
  • 'GND / DISC' – dual control knob – to adjust ground balance in ALL METAL mode, and discrimination in DISC mode
  • Button 'DISC' – to switch on and switch off DISC mode
  • Button 'MODE' – toggling between Dynamic and Static modes
  • Button ‘ZERO’ – serves for automatic adjustment of the detector to ground conditions, and for quick null of each change of the Delay and Threshold values
  • Button 'LIGHT' – to switch on and switch off LCD back light