Mikron Pulse Master Pro Reviews, Price and Specifications

Pulse Induction Land Metal Detector

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Mikron Pulse Master Pro


  • Microprocessor control and indication
  • Auto Tune control
  • Two search modes: ALL METAL and DISC
  • 2-speed operation: fast and slow
  • Two-sound Target Indication - one tone or VCO (multi frequency)
  • Discrimination control: ability to eliminate undesired objects in DISC mode
  • Sampling DELAY control
  • SENSITIVITY control
  • VOLUME control
  • Adjustable Threshold Level
  • Automatic elimination of the earth electromagnetic field influence
  • LCD display
  • Battery: Built-in Lead/Acid Battery 12V/1,3Ah, providing 12-15 hours continuous work depending on the search coil (frame) used and volume control; automatic charge of batteries
  • Battery Capacity Indicator
  • Search Coils: 1x1m., 2x2m., and round coil 36cm with handle
  • Object Detection range:
    metal object sized 10 x 10cm: 180 cm (6')
    metal object sized 25 x 25cm: 250 cm (8,3')
    metal object sized 50 x 50cm: 3,0 m (10')
    metal object sized 1 x 1m: 3.8 m (12,7')
    Maximum depth for a big metal object: up to 6.0 m (up to 20')