Golden Mask 3 Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $460.00 (£285.00, €322.00)

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Golden Mask 3


  • Ultra High Power Transmitter with VLF working Frequency
  • Variable Transmit Frequency - 8kHz (6.0kHz, 7.0kHz)
  • VLF-TR technology
  • Multi Tone Discriminator
  • Manual Ground Balance
  • Automatic Ground Balance
  • Fully Screened Control Box
  • Low Battery Light Indicator
  • Multi Adaptive Filter System
  • Turbo Switch for 30% more Power
  • 1/4" Headphone Socket
  • 10.5" DD Wide Scan Coil
  • Weight: 3 lbs 11oz (1.4 kg) with the 10.5" coil fitted
  • Tough ABS battery box fitted with NiMh batteries
  • No target pinpoint feature
  • High power electronics
  • Discrimination by moving the coil
  • Audio discrimination
  • Multi tonal discrimination
  • VCO Sensibility control
  • Eliminates ore soils and heavy mineralization
  • Ground balance: Automatic and Manual
  • Rechargeable batteries - 12V/ 1000 mA
  • Battery Life 40 Hours Continuous Use (10-14 hours on a 4-6 hour charge)
  • High Capacity 12V Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 5 years warranty for electronics
  • 1 year warranty for search coil
  • 2 year warranty

Golden Мask 3 Impressions

Janne Keinänen in Finland - good

Golden mask 3 have found me lots of good relics/coins in places, that I have before detected with far more expensive detectors.
This detector performs good in old iron contaminated places, has great detection depth and very fast recovery speed, and is very sensitive towards small stuff.
I highly recommend this detector because it works great in pasture and ploughed fields. Very good build quality/performance for the price, but could be a little lighter.

Mar 30, 2011
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