Makro JeoTech Reviews, Price and Specifications

Deep Seeking Metal Detector

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Makro JeoTech


  • Operating System: VLF (Very Low Frequency)
  • Transmission: Sinusoidal Wave
  • Coil Frequency: 12-13 kHz
  • Metal Discrimination: Non-Ferrous / Ferrous / Steel + Cavity
  • Election of Ferrous: No
  • Depth Indicator: No
  • Audio tones: Polyphonic
  • Length: 38.5" - 55"
  • Weight: 5.2 Pounds
  • Search Coil: 8.5" x 12" D Coil
  • Audio Output: 2W
  • Headset Output: 1/4" or 6.3 mm + 3.5 mm Adapter
  • LCD: No
  • LED: Power LED
  • Comfort Joystick Grip Design
  • Easy to Understand LED Display
  • Advanced Micro-Processor Technology: just turn it on and start finding treasure.
  • Ground Balance: Manual
  • Sensivity Adjustment: Manual
  • Noise Canceling: Automatic
  • Threshold: Automatic
  • Memory: Ground Memory
  • Processor: Microchip
  • Battery Gauge: Yes
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Battery Life: Up To 10 Hours
    The JeoTech includes everything to get started:
  • Padded Carry Case
  • Deluxe Headphones
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Wall Plug Charger
  • USA and European Wall Plug Connections
  • Detailed User Manual
  • Warranty Certificate
  • Car Charger
  • The Makro JeoTech Deep searching metal detector is designed to discover the gold, jewelry, valuable metals, coins, underground caves and cavities that others have missed. The Makro JeoTech is like two detectors in one, a deep two box detector and a traditional small object metal detector.
  • LED Identification System: use it when searching for coins, deep treasure caches under the earth, in walls and when searching slopes. The LED system will locate and identify treasures down to about 14 feet or 4 meters deep.
  • Advanced metal discrimination: targets are identified and divided into four distinct groups: valuable, non-valuable, steel and cavities. Jeotech is capable of receiving and analyzing multiple signals simultaniously.
  • The Makro JeoTech can locate valuable treasures that have been hidden beneath the earth in non metallic containers. While no detector can locate the precious stones, the JeoTech can locate the containers that they are buried in.
  • The ground balancing system allows you to use the detector in the harshest soil and ground conditions anywhere in the world. The JeoTech can even detect targets under rocks containing high levels of minerals (hot rocks). The JeoTech can be used along salt water coast lines, along beaches and in desert conditions. The JeoTech is not effected by environmental interference.