Makro Jeoscan Reviews, Price and Specifications

2D Metal Detector System with 1 Search Coil

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Makro Jeoscan


  • The JeoScan has the capability to locate both large and small treasures.
  • Visual Analysis Screens
  • Visual Graphs Identify Cavity, Metal, Iron or Valuable
  • Medium General Detection Head Search Coil 14" x 17" or 360 cm x 440 cm
  • Locates gold down to 8 m
  • Professional Metal Detector Headphones
  • Leather Carry Case and Harness For the LCD System
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Universal AC Wall Charger, 100 to 240 Volts, 50 and 60 Hz
  • US and European Wall Plug Connections Included
  • Detailed Product Manual
  • 2 year warranty
  • Target Signal Imaging System: shows the user a full color, real time visual analysis of the shape, depth, size and type of object in the ground.
  • The Makro JeoScan 2D provides detailed target analysis showing the specific type of metal that you have located.Targets are grouped into four categories: Gold, Valuable, Steel and Iron.
  • Find Underground Caves, Tunnels and Cavities: Now you can locate valuable treasures that have been hidden beneath the earth in non metallic containers. The New JeoScan is able to detect cavities under the ground like tunnels, graves, caves and cellars. Locate non metallic containers with buried treasures such as Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and other precious stones. While no detector can locate the precious stones, the JeoScan can locate the containers that they are buried in.
  • Detect With Ease in Tough Mineralized Ground Conditions: the JeoScan 2D can be ground balanced in all types of mineralized ground conditions. The computer aided ground balancing system allows you to use the device in even the harshest soil and ground conditions. The JeoScan 2D includes a visual ground adjust feature that enables the user to search and detect with ease. Just turn it on and start finding treasure.
  • Real Time Graphical Image Analysis: the JeoScan 2D is one of the most advanced graphical imaging systems available. The system is able to analyze and provide the user with a real time graphical image of the analysis of the target.
  • Accurate Target Dimensions and Analysis: the target size analysis report will show you the specific dimensions of the target. With this information at hand, you will save time and dig with confidence. By digging only the sizeable objects you are looking for and bypassing the rest, your chances of finding your "treasure" is greatly increased.
  • Full Color Visual Target Analysis Reports: the full color visual target analysis report will show you the 2 Dimensional image of the target and the type of metal that has been located. If you have located a treasure that is larger than a single object, you will see each of the individual targets displayed on your screen. The type of metal will be displayed in large red letters on the screen as well.
  • The detailed analysis report will help you understand how deep and how large the target is before you start digging. The longer the treasure has been buried, the greater the oxidation will be and the greater the depth at which a target can be located.
  • The JeoScan 2D Metal Detector System is designed to locate Gold and other precious metal targets at great depth. It ships standard with the Medium general search head. This coil will detect targets up to 25 feet or 8 meters deep. The Large search coil is not included but can be used with the JeoScan to even deeper.
  • The depths listed above are based on newly buried metal objects with no magnetic fields or effects formed yet. Over time, metal objects will oxidize and look larger to the detector, thus increasing the depths that are listed above. For objects buried longer, you can expect to go 3 to even 4 times deeper than the depth ranges listed in the chart above.