XP WS3 Cordless Headphones Reviews, Price and Specifications

Cordless Headphones

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XP WS3 Cordless Headphones


  • Two switchable channels (Ch1/Ch2) to stop interference between detectorists
  • Sound quality matches wired headphones
  • Digital microprocessor transmission
  • No white noise or background hiss
  • Adjustable volume with memory
  • Charger connector, battery included
  • Built in extra flat rechargeable Lithium battery (7g), without memory effect
  • 50 hours battery life
  • Fast Lithium charger: 2 hours
  • The wireless headphone system has been developed especially for XP machines and utilizes. They use digital microprocessor transmission for optimum audio quality without background noise. ADX 100 and older versions still require a transmitter that is attached to the circuit board. This must be fitted by an authorised XP dealer for the warranty to remain valid. Most older GoldMaxx, GMaxx, Adventis and ADX200 models are suitable. Powered by the detectors batteries there is no need for a separate supply as the current drain is incredibly small.
  • The receiving module, complete with rechargeable zero memory Lithium battery and backphones supplied, weighs in at a mere 70grammes, charger is included and takes only 2 hours. The battery life is approx. 50 hours.

Excellent Wireless Headphones

Sergei UpstateNY in Albany, NY USA - best

I bought them for my girlfriend so that she could enjoy wireless operation with her GoldMaxx Power. After having used for the WS3 two years, my girlfriend could not name a single problem or a drawback of these headphones. She enjoyed their durability, comfortable around-ear cushions, good quality sound, simplicity and very fast battery charging time - two hours, providing long 50 hours of treasure hunting! Now my girlfeiend uses the XP Deus and only wishes there were similar wireless headphones available, at least optionally, for the Deus!

Jan 02, 2013