Fisher Gold Bug DP Reviews, Price and Specifications

Gold/Relic Metal Detector

Retail Price: $749.00 (€531, £460)

Number of Reviews: 4

Avg. Rating (4.5 Stars) best rated

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Fisher Gold Bug DP


  • Operating frequency: 19 kHz, crystal controlled
  • Operating principle: VLF induction balance
  • Big Easy-To-Read LCD Display
  • Extraordinary sensitivity to tiny gold nuggets
  • Multi-purpose more than just a gold machine
  • Unmatched target separation in iron trash
  • High-end performance at a mid-range price
  • No-motion pinpoint with depth indicator
  • Manual and computerized ground balance
  • Continuous ground conation readouts
  • Ground phase
  • Ground mineralization
  • Threshold and gain adjustment
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Two Ground Balancing Options-Computerized Ground Grab and Manual
  • Continuous Ground Condition Readouts
  • 2-Tone VCO Audio
  • Target ID
  • Signal Strength Indication
  • On/off power and Gain control
  • Mode selection control
  • Pin Point control
  • LCD battery indicator
  • Dual headphone jacks: 1/4 and 1/8 inch
  • High Powered 11" DD Search coil
  • Optional deep-seeking 5" DD Coil
  • Ultra Lightweight: 2 Ibs, 8 oz with battery installed
  • 3-pole system
  • Comfort Hand-Grip
  • Arc-detector Stand
  • Mechanical: S-rod with electronics housing on rod, 3-piece breakdown construction, nonmetallic telescoping lower rod, adjustable position arm rest
  • Ground balance range: From ferrite to salt water inclusive
  • Operating temp range: 14 to 122 degrees F (-10 to +50 °C)
  • Batteries: Single 9 volt rectangular alkaline
  • Battery life: 15+ hours on good quality alkaline
  • Standard searchcoil: 4.7 inch (12.3 cm) closed-frame round biaxial, waterproof
    11" DD elliptical waterproof
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Not so hot for goldfields

Lee Mazengarb in Australia - three stars

On the beach, it's so so, didn't like wet sand. Didn't like wet sand say 4 inches below the surface either.
Now out at the goldfields, both in NSW and Victorias golden triangle. No luck. Found the odd bit of junk and trash as expected. No gold at all. Now in thinking with gold is where you find it, then that's a fair statement. Highly likely there was no gold to find in the locations I went to over many weekends and 1 week long trip through the goldfields of Victoria. Now getting down to ittygritty, bought some small gold nuggets and air tested this detector. 1g nugget at about 2 inches. 2.3g nugget at 4 inches. Now this is air testing from the coil. Allow 1 cm or 2 in height, then it doesn't leave you much. Not sure on bigger nuggets, coins it detected to about 6 inches to 8 inches. That's not good in my book. My pioneer 505 matched it in air tests on the gold and beats it to 11 inches on the coin. Got a larger coil for it as an experiment. No better. So all in all, programming wise, with all the target identification, it is exceptional. Just depth is disappointing. And depth is the whole game in metal detecting. In Discrimination mode, the Sensitivity was a little less then in All Metal mode. Although in all metal mode it seemed sensitive to hot rocks and iron with very hard to differentiate between actual targets unless they were shallow or large. Larger coil didn't improve things for the gold either. Maybe for the coin. Might have to try a small 5-inch coil instead. Still testing this detector out, will be testing it in a test bed of mineralised soils with the nuggets and putting it on utube. I did watch a utube minerilised soil test that didn't show it to be a good detector, thought he might have tested it wrong, maybe not. That's what you get for buying on a name and hype.

Apr 07, 2013
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Very Pleased

BK in USA - best

I'm new to the hobby and purchased the Gold Bug to use in Arizona gold fields. I found it easy to use and understand. Hot rocks were not too difficult to get the hang of, and it's done a great job relic hunting back in Texas. I would really recommend it to anyone looking for a great machine at a good price.

Aug 21, 2012
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Great bang for your buck

Frisky Dingo in Pine Falls, MB Canada - best

Super smooth machine consistantly picks up small targets deep for a VLF machine. It runs smooth in both all-metal and discrimination modes. The five year warranty shows it is well built. I personally think it's also a better coin shooter/relic hunter than a certain other multi-purpose machine in the same price range.

Jul 17, 2012
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They should call the Gold Bug Pro the beast pro

W Webster in yonkers ny - best

On my first day at the beach, using the Gold Bug Pro, I found a gold charm. The next day I found a child's gold ring, the next day a gold earring, next another gold pendant, and then a man's gold ring 22k. The Gold Bug Pro or dp is a gold finding monster!

Apr 24, 2011
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