XP ADX 150 Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: 369.00 ($550.00)

Number of Reviews: 1

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This light and perfectly balanced detector is for those who want the power without worrying about the adjustments.
Operating Frequency: 4,6 Khz
Sensitivity and Discrimination: Adjustable
All Metal: Motion
Light and robust ABS electronic box. The box is fixed under the armrest, for a maximum comfort it can also be hip mounted (hipmount bag included).
Very resistant cable, conceived to resist to movements constraints.
Search Coil: Wide Scan double D, 22.5 cm, waterproof, provided with its coil cover and connector to change the coil.
Robust armrest
Shaft consists of three parts with double locking system.
Lower fiber glass tube
Compatible with the XP wireless headphone WS1 and WS3
Batteries: 8 x 1.5Volts AA.
Battery life: alkaline - 50 Hours.
Low Battery alert
Options: battery charger and XP wireless headphone
Electronic box - 2 years
Search coil - 1 year

Very good detector

Dupont Mario in france - best
This detector is very good in the woods and meadows. Discrimination is very good. It is very powerful on the dry beach sand. Superb for an entry-level.

Dec 25, 2012
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