Scanmaster Logic Plus Reviews, Price and Specifications

Budget Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $139.95 (€99.95)

Number of Reviews: 2

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Scanmaster Logic Plus


  • This is a great family machine, ideal for children and adults alike.
  • Meter: Yes
  • Target indicator: Yes
  • Sensitivity control: Yes
  • Waterproof 10'' search coil
  • Discrimination control: Yes
  • Modes:
    Discrimination - In this mode, the unit comes with pre-set ground balance for ease of use.
    Tone - The Scanmaster Logic can discriminate the metal type with high or low tone.
    Target - To pinpoint the target accurately by raising the tone when over the object.
    All Metal - To search for all kinds of metal objects with no discrimination.
  • New Posi-Lock stem
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • Volume control: Yes
  • Adjustable stem: Yes
  • Pinpoint Button: Yes
  • Arm support: Yes
  • Length: Adjustable- suitable for adults
  • Weight: 1.165 kg (2.5 lbs)
  • Batteries: 2 x 9v PP3 Batteries
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Best Budget Machine, Killer in Iron

N.Westwood in windsor ,uk - best

The scanmaster in question is another re-incarnation of a Golden Century machine, in this case, the GC-1023.
There are three really good GC machines to consider, all analogue. The GC-1016(beginner with 7" coil), GC-1022(scanmaster silver), and GC-1023(logic plus ).
All three of these machines have auto tracking ground balance, something not found on any other budget machines.
I own all three and find them truly exceptional in iron/trashy areas.
Target separation is very good, recovery speed fast, depth reasonable, discrimination good.
I decided to add my review because of Ian P review. The bit about 2.5" inches depth is ridiculous statement. I think Ian P must be searching loose ploughed/rolled ground that is full of air, on that kind of ground none of my 8 machines go deeper than 4 inches.
I have got coins buried in my very iron mineralised garden from 5" -8" deep. The GC machines hit them all in discrimination mode. An Ace 250 could not, and even the Teknetics Omega-8000 struggled when fitted with std coil.
As for no instructions included, they are easy to find online and, to be honest, there is no simpler machine to work. Set your disc to 5 (12 oclock pos), turn on and crank sensitivity to chatter point then back off slightly. Search in disc or 2-tone mode, both are very good. In 2-tone, low tone is iron, high is a "digger".
On quiet sites, I prefere to search in all metal that is more sensitive, then flick the switch to disc to check if it's a digger. If it still gives two way in disc, dig it.
Theres a guy on you-tube, that owns an XP Deus and a GC-1023. He loves his GC as much as his Deus. It says a lot.

Nov 15, 2015
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1st Detector

Ian P in Norfolk, UK - good

Hi all, I bought the Scanmaster Logic Plus in July, and have now been using it for around 4 months, I must say that for the price this is a very good machine, £70!!!!
I find that whenever I go out I seem to come home with at least 2 coins, the silvers show up very nicely but it does struggle a bit more with the small bronzes!
I admit that I am looking to buy a better detector for next year because you do feel this one is not detecting deep enough on coins (found all mine in top 2.5 inches) also, it does take some getting used to and to make things worse, for some reason it comes with no instructions, which for a beginners machine is quite silly!!!
These are only small issues though and as I said, you can pick this machine up for £70 and to be honest I have tried out other machines for £700 and they are definitely not 10x better!!!
I really feel this is the machine to get if you want an unexpensive beginner's machine. And you intend on actually going out often enough to get used to it because once you do, you will not find a better machine in this price range than this!
But if you want something more evolved, then get something more expensive!
In conclusion, this machine has allowed me to get into the hobby of detecting, as I don't think I would have bought a £200 machine as easily as I bought this one, and it has more than paid for itself in finds! (It's actually financed a new detector for next season as well as paying for itself!!!!)
This is why I have given the Scanmaster logic Plus a rating of 4 stars, I am aware that there are hundreds of better detectors, but for the price, this machine really can't be faulted apart from the lack of instructions!
Good detecting all!

Oct 12, 2011
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