White’s Matrix 100 Reviews, Price and Specifications

Hand-Held Security Metal Detector

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• Whites Matrix 100 is designed to meet and exceed the needs and specifications in today's security conscious world and complies with all National Institute of Justice standards for indoor/outdoor operations. White's Matrix 100 is used in airports, correctional facilities, schools, concerts, sporting events, and public and private buildings.
• Visual LED Alert: A bright LED light on the top of the detector indicates metal has been detected.
• Speaker or Earphone Alert: Along with the visual LED light on the top of the detector, an adjustable audio signal can be heard through the speaker near the handle, or through the earbud.
• ON/OFF Button
• Sensitivity Control: Using the stylus stored in the handle, the sensitivity level can be set to low, medium, or high for detecting objects of various sizes.
• Volume Control: Easily adjusted with the stylus stored in the handle.
• Battery: 600 mA one 9V battery (included)
• Battery life: “On” - 215 hours-9 days, “Off” - 2880 hours-120 days.
• Battery Installation: Simply slide in one 9V battery in the base of the handle.
• Low battery indicator: If the battery is good, the LED will be green. If the battery is low or defective the LED will be yellow.
• De-Sense Button: When depressed, this button will reduce the detectors sensitivity by approximately 50%. This is particularly useful when scanning near rebar reinforced floors.
• Earbud included
• Lanyard included
• Rubber overmolded handle: A comfortable grip for long term use.
• 20 cm Scan Area
• Both Audio and Vibrate mode: Press the ON/OFF button once for Audio Mode, twice for Vibrate Mode.
• Meets NIJ standards
• GSA available
• Optional items: 9 volt Lithium Manganese battery, 9 volt rechargeable battery, Chargers, Holster.
• Warranty: 3 years