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Long Range Locator

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Pro II Target Max


  • Lightweight, clips to your belt for easy use
  • Versatile: use in the long range mode with the power booster electrode in the ground (most preferred), then switch to the locator mode and fasten to your belt in bushy or rough terrain, for portability and target location
  • 4 Select frequencies (Gold, silver, iron, and diamonds)
  • Sensitivity dial for determining size of the target
  • Distance: in the long range mode up to 3 miles
  • Depth: to100 feet
  • Locates targets that are in iron boxes
  • Nugget hunters will find it easy to use with the two modes
  • Ideal for dwelling searches, interior or exterior
  • Deluxe Custom ABS Carry Case with Foam inserts
  • Pro II Target Max transmitter
  • Pro Series Locating Rods with Rubber grips
  • 2-coiled cables for attaching to transmitter
  • Ground Probe power booster
  • two 9-volt batteries
  • Instructions
  • 1 year warranty

Gold Locator 2 Series

Peter in Searcy, AR, USA - best

This Locator is the perfect blend for long range and short range metal detecting. I am able to narrow down the location of an object to 1-2 square meters. It was kinda cluncky at first, but then I got used to it, and now it servers me well. On all the tests, it behaved as it should. I just can't wait to go with it in the field. I'm really sad to see that it got cheaper. I paid almost 2000 squids [2000 English Pounds - admin] for it.

Aug 26, 2009
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