ScanMaster 2008 Reviews, Price and Specifications

Omnitron Scanner with Quad Collector System

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ScanMaster  2008


  • Standard Power Transducer - This unit is responsible for delivering the selected signal of the Scanner to the ground plane of the strata via the two copper legs which are plugged into the ground. The coax lead is the power supply line and attaches to the output of the Scanmaster.
  • Power Module - It powers the Antenna Rods by a 9VDC battery, the battery condition is displayed when the Push Button on top is pressed in.
  • Receiving Antenna Rods - The rods are powered by the Power Module. The purpose of the Rods is to indicate to the Operator that he or she has walked into the transmission line between the Power Transducer and the Target.
  • Dual Collectors - These (2) devices are used as passive repeaters to aid in pinpointing the location of targets. They require no power supplies and simply pick up the Scanner's initial signal and pass it on to the target. Initially, the pair is used to triangulate in on the target, once the area surrounding the target is localized.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty