American Hawks Explorer Reviews, Price and Specifications

Junior Metal Detector

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American Hawks Explorer


  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Water proof coil
  • All Metals or Motion Discrimination
  • 3 adjusting knobs for sensitivity, discrimination threshold and volume control
  • Built-in speaker or optional headphones
  • Adjustable Arm Support
  • Automatic Ground Balance

Good Starter - Teaches Basic Metal Detecting

ST in Mother Lode in California - best

I bought this detector for my passtime, and, though it is a junior detector, once I set out around the house it turned out to be a good investment. The previous occupants, seemed to have thrown out hundreds of 1 cents which were buried in the gravel out back of the house. I learned later that the pond/waterfall in the fenced backyard was used as a wishing well, and they had pumped the water and coins out to the back area. Some quarters, dimes and nickels were found. From the experience, I found the user's manual to be accurate and helpful. Everything works just like the manual states. Pull-tabs, though, can sound like 1 cent, and 1 cent can sometimes sound close to a quarter. Iron can be eliminated mostly, though, rusty nails can sound like 1 cent.

Sep 26, 2009
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