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All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

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Fisher F70


  • 13 kHz frequency - good for coin shooting, relic hunting, and gold prospecting
  • Frequency shift for eliminating electrical interference and crosstalk
  • Advanced software-based motion discrimination with notch for searching trashy areas
  • All metals auto-tune mode for deep-searching in non-trashy areas
  • Visual target ID by category and 0-99 indication, both discrimination and auto-tune modes
  • Target ID confidence bar graph
  • High-resolution push-button ground balance with ground readout
  • Ground balance range goes all the way to salt
  • Continuous display of ground mineral concentration
  • Push-button static pinpoint with variable audio pitch and visual depth reading
  • Independent sensitivity and threshold settings provide fine control over response
  • Speed selection - normal for most situations, slow for deep coins in non-trashy areas
  • Batteries under the elbow provide counterweight - ergonomic design
  • Battery life on 4 alkaline AA batteries, 40 hours
  • Switch back and forth between two programs:saves both programs when turned off
  • Standard 10 inch elliptical concentric open-center searchcoil

Fisher F70 Is One Hot Detector

Steve from Ohio in cleveland, ohio - best

I bought the Fisher F70 about 3 months ago. I have been a detectorist for over 25 years and have used many detectors over the years. The F-70 is the lightest detector I have ever owned at 2 lbs. 15 oz. The F-70 uses 4 AA batteries and I have gotten over 60 hours of detecting on rechargeable 2650 MHA batteries - very economical. I have found coins to a depth of 12 inches with the F-70. I have found tin cans at 20 inches. The F-70 is a great coin shooter and also a great Relic hunter. It is also from what I have heard a very good gold nugget hunter. At a frequency of 13 khz, it allows for a multitude of uses. The F-70 is very easy to use and the learning curve is short. The recovery time is awesome and this machine is very fast. You can really cover a lot of ground with the F-70. I would recommend the F-70 and give it 5 stars.

Nov 07, 2008
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