Fisher F75 Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $1,095.00

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Fisher F75


  • Best ergonomics in the industry
  • Phenomenal target separation and 'see through'
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Target Identification Discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas
  • Ground Cancellation Trigger-Actuated FASTGRAB
  • Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph Read Out
  • Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
  • Non-volatile memory saves settings
  • Superior Electrical Interference Rejection
  • Backlight
  • More than 30 hrs with 4-AA Batteries

Lucked Out

Steve O in Perkasie PA USA - best

Of all the detectors to choose from, & being a beginner at MDing, I lucked out on getting the F-75. It's like a buddy, believe it or not. I have hundreds of items I've found from the surface down to 12 inches on the default mode. If you use the All Metal mode, this machine will detect much deeper. The oldest coin I found so far was a 1841 Russian Kopek, found in the soil under a 70 pound rock in Pennsylvania. I can swing F-75 for 8 hrs because its so light. Some people say its not very durable but I've accidently hit it with my shovel several times, moved sticks & branches with it, banged it, bumped it... the detector still works. Once you get to know what its telling you, and it will take using it, you will be glad you bought it. When it says "pull tab," 98% of the time's a pull tab in the ground. It has just the right amount of usefull bells & whistles to keep it interesting to me. I could go on & on but I won't. Hope I was a help :)

Sep 24, 2008
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