Deluxe Garrett Panning System Reviews, Price and Specifications

Gold Pans & Accessories

Retail Price: $49.95

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Comes With:

Book "Gold Panning is Easy, 2nd Edition"
Book "Find 1 oz. of Gold a Day"
14" Prospector Gold Pan
10" Piggy-Back Gold Pan
14" Classifier Pan
15" Super Sluice Gold Pan
Gold Guzzler Bottle
19 CC Bottle with Cap
Tweezers / Magnifying Glass combo
Video Tape "Gold Panning is Easy"
Great for the entire family

Gold Panning Made Easy

Guest in south australia - best
Awesome products, good prices and a great family starter kit. One problem: they retail for twice the amount in Australia, so we bought it off the amazon and paid half the price - thank you internet! Where would we be without you! (broke I'd say)

Feb 16, 2011
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