Keene Underwater Dredge Reviews, Price and Specifications

Gold Prospecting Motorized Device

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Keene Underwater Dredge


  • The underwater dredge is the less popular of the dredges available, because it lacks somewhat in its ability to recover as fine of gold as the surface type. It is designed mainly for compactness and portability, but is limited also in its application, as it is cumbersome to handle underwater. The submersible dredge must be held relatively level while in operation and cannot reach around corners and hard to get at places. It also is not practical to use in shallow water, as it must be completely submerged when operated properly.
  • It is physically described as a flared metal or plastic tube with an attached metal elbow at a forty five to sixty degree bend . High pressure water is pumped into the bend, creating a vacuum at the end of the bend. It is powered by a high pressure water pump is located normally on a float that sets at the surface of the water and is pumped down to the dredge via a high pressure hose. At the end of the flared tube a riffle tray is attached containing a series of gold traps.
  • As the gold bearing gravel is sucked into the dredge the heavier particles, including gold, becomes entrapped into the riffle tray. The lighter non gold bearing particles flow back into the river. The submersible dredge of today is mainly used for sampling and when a good streak is found, the surface dredge is employed to do a more efficient job of recovery.