15-Inch Garrett SuperSluice Reviews, Price and Specifications

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15-Inch Garrett SuperSluice


  • Garrett's new 15" Supersluice Gold Pan uses Roy Lagal's patented riffle design
  • This pan is guaranteed to hold on to gold better than any other pan available.

Gravity Trap 15 inch Super Sluice Gold Pan

Lord Quake in shenandoah iowa - best

This pan is usible in many areas. I like the large half inch under cut riffle system of this pan. The riffles are half inch wide - that helps to retain 1 oz nuggets and smaller. The 90 degree riffle system of this pan was patented back in the 1970's. This is the time tested true pan for those who want to move large volumes of material and sand or gravel. The 9 inch wide bottom can hold large amounts of sand or gravel. It is 15 inches wide, the largest of the garret grvity trap style gold pans with the 90 degree riffle system. This pan is top use in my aresenal of gold pans when I want to test streams in volume.

Sep 27, 2008