White's Prizm V Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $549.95

Number of Reviews: 8

Avg. Rating (4.6 Stars) best rated

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White's Prizm V


  • MultiTone: 8 distinct audio tones
  • 3-tone I.D. also available
  • VCO Pinpointing (Voltage Controlled Oscillation gives a higher pitch as you approach the target)
  • Prizm 950 search coil
  • Smart Notch
  • Target I.D with 8-Zone Discrimination
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Depth Reading
  • PinPoint/All-Metal Mode
  • Rugged, water resistant control box (2.5 pounds)
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Powered by 2 9-volt batteries

All around great detector

Tim in Milton, wv - good

I got this Prizm 5 after I have had a Garret 150, Bounty Hunter Ranger. Overall the White's is the best machine. It's simple to use, and the pin pointer works great. I have only been hunting 7 or 8 times with it and already can tell it's my favorite. You can't go wrong with the Prizm 5.

Nov 08, 2016
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Prizm 5 is a high five!

Doug Walters in Newtown Pa. - best

I have not been mding long, but long enough to realize that what I'm finding is not found with a lame detector. After only 3 trips out, I have found an 1890 Indian head penny, a meteorite, old civil war buckle and 4 older year stalk pennies. Most of these items I found were in depths exceeding 5".
I am stoked and planning to get hunting more and more. Again, I am a rookie at this but the hobby is amazing as is the Prizm 5 detector. Get it and find out for yourself.
Daw in Newtown Pa.

Aug 10, 2013
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Great little Machine!

Rob in Tulsa, OK - best

I have been MD-ing for several years but got serious last year. I have 8 detectors now! White's Coinmaster 5900 and 4900, Classic II and a Prism V. I also have Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, Quick Draw (2 of them) and a Discovery 1100. I have worked the "plain Jane" machines up to the intermediate levels. The Prism V is by far the smartest and best machine I have, however they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The Discovery has a 12" Bounty Hunter coil on it and reads DEEP, but it's erratic. The Classic II is a good simple hunter. No ID or VDI but a solid performer, especially if you're a purist! But the Prism V is my "go to" detector. Solid performance, and aside from not showing up Zinc pennies correctly, it's the best detector I've ever had!

Oct 29, 2010
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Prizm 6T is a Work Horse

Jim in Union County, NC - best

My wife and I are extrememly new to metal detecting but, based on a recommendation by a friend and long-time treasure hunter, we bought our first White's metal detector. We opted for the Prizm 6T because of its claim for "general" all around use and the price. We've only been out with it four times so far, and it still has the original batteries in it but, we love it. It gets kicked around and covered with mud and still works just as consistant as the first time out. It does everything I would expect and sometimes surprises me at how great it works. I think there are a lot of people out there who don't quite understand that metal detecting is NOT a perfect science. You aren't going to walk out in your front yard, turn on your detector, and have a treasure chest suddenly come popping out of the ground at your feet. For those who are frustrated, try taking your detector down to any place littered with modern coins. If you don't find coins there, what can I say? One thing is for sure: going out with the detector sure beats sitting around the house all the time regardless of what we find. So far our total is one dime, one penny, and one really old and small relic with a pin point on one end. No idea what it is but, it's ours. We live in the middle of "gold country" North Carolina so we will try our luck with the White's and see how much gold we can unearth. If it's zero, so what. How many pounds did I have before we started using the Whites? That could be measured by the amount of fun we were having metal detecting. We'll try for Civil War relics too and comb the ocean beach. Metal detecting is taking us places we haven't been before, so at the age of 58, that's always a good thing.

Nov 29, 2009
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Fantastic Mid-Range Detector

Jeremy Harris in Bend, Oregon - good

I have had my Prizm V for about 3 years now, and it has been a great detector. The features are simple to use, it is light enough to swing all day, and I usually find more "treasure" than trash. Hunting on Virginia Beach, I have found several pieces of gold jewelry laced with diamonds that have already more than paid for it. The Prizm V doesn't seem to do as well in wet sand, but that is common with detectors designed for coin/relic hunting. All together, it's a great machine.

Nov 10, 2009
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Slip N Slide

Bill H. in L.A. and Valley in Santa Monica, Ca NOW - good

Slip N Slide Update: We are very happy !!!
I'm Bill H., 78 years old, and still kicking in Santa Monica, Valley, & L.A. I got the 6T back from White's, and they were on the phone with me twice to explain what they have done to make this 6T of mine rock. And YES, it now does!!! I took this over to Valley village park and tested it within 6 feet of the picnic area. 20 minutes later, I had 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 4 pennies and 1 nickel. Due to this trashy area, I can now state that the 6T came in a winner. The main problem was, from what I gather, the P.C. Board. The folks at White's calibrated the new board and tested it side by side with another 6T. Also included was an 8 inch prizm coil. I will be heading for the beach right after the Labor Day Monday holiday! Mr. Howard and his tech Jerry A. did a bang up job, this I can tell you! This IS what White's is all about. Yes, I had a few false icon signals, however, this was mainly due to the junk that people throw on the ground by the picnic area. A neighbor of mine told me that he used to work for the BIG 3 shippers, and that a LOT of packages get thrown every way. That may have been the reason that when I got my detector back from White's the 1st time, it had been tossed around hard. We will update on this 6T after we test it on the beach. We will be right up to the shore this time and give it a hard test. I will use it on the wet sand for the first test. I will set up the Gain on 3 or 4 bars max, and NOT alternate between wet and dry sand. So far, the machine gets 4 1/2 stars and, I bet, it will get a full 5 after the beach test. Thank you Steve Howard and tech J.A. for all your help! I wish you All a Great Labor Day Holiday!

Aug 24, 2009
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Prizm 6 T is YUK !!

Bill Heyman in San Fernando Valley Ca, USA - best

I bought the Prizm 6T as a Christmas present to myself. Well, I had to send it back as it was going crazy. I came to find out after spending $89.00 USA dollars that a brand new 6T has a loose transistor for starter so it was repaired as they tested it in Oregon. Well, I took it out to the beach and Nothing, it would NOT work on the beach not at all... I mean Nothing, NOT a beep...when it was in beach mode. So I headed back to the park and it did a bad job as it had again a LOT of false readings... I paid $699.00 for this + $89.00 to ship it up to White's. I have been detecting since 1963 so I am not inexperienced. The 6T is BAD news.

May 03, 2009
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A Good Machine Right Out Of the Box

Brian in Pa. - best

First, let me say I am new to the hobby (in some ways). My grandfather had a detector that he and I would hunt with. It also was a White's brand, so when it was time for me to invest in one, it was kind of a no brainer. I purchased a Prism V and I have had good luck with it. Its easy to use and understand. It is basically turn on and start hunting. I would recommend Prism V to anyone starting out.

May 17, 2008
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