Treasure Master TM 808 Reviews, Price and Specifications

2-Box Metal Detector

Retail Price: $649.95

Number of Reviews: 3

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Treasure Master TM 808


  • Complete Versatility
  • Easy Tuning and Setup
  • Ideal for locating coin caches, treasure chests, and hordes of gold or silver in either coin or bullion form
  • Designed to find septic tanks, tools, equipment, and metal pipes
  • Push-button retuning
  • Drop-in battery pack C-cell pack (Optional Nicad pack available)
  • Adjustable ground balance
  • Easy to read meter

Cavern/Metal Box Detecting

Timothy in Nevada - best

When I was an Environmental Director for an Indian Tribe in Oklahoma, I purchased one of these for a project. The US Government moved the tribal cemetery to make way for a flood control lake. Seems they didn't do a good job as there were coffins popping up in the lake and others eroding on the shore. This White's TM-808 was one of several technologies used for non-invasive ways to detect where the metal coffins were left behind. It was up to individual families to leave them there or move them like they were told they had already been in the 1970s. This machine worked extremely well locating those metal coffins deep beneath the ground after all those years.

Mar 12, 2014
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Lizander in fl - good

It is a good hellper...

Aug 06, 2013
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White's TM 808

Esteban James in st petersburg florida - best

I have own a 808 for 10 years. It will hear a beer can down 5 feet. The TM 808 is hard to use on hard terain because it must be held steady to ground, or sound changes when lifted or dropped. The TM 808 works good in mineralization in California. No swinging just walking. No treasure yet but alot of car parts such as a Model T's axle down 4 feet. This machine has been reliable. But it is not for single coins though, you won't hear a quarter. I'm still dreaming of that treasure.
My TM 808 had antenna connection problem. White's fixed it with thumb screws to snug it up at no charge. Everything works good now.

Aug 03, 2013
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