Travel Beachmaster 45 w/ 2 Pc Shaft Reviews, Price and Specifications

Beach Detecting Sand Scoop

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Travel Beachmaster 45 w/ 2 Pc Shaft


  • Overall length: 45"
  • Comes apart in two 22.5" pieces for easy assembly and travel
  • Capacity 3 qts
  • Weighs only 3.56 lbs
  • Shafts are joined by a unique heavy barrel bolt that hand screws into matching second shaft increasing shaft strength by 50%. Strong enough for the beach hunter and light enough to use for shallow water hunting.

Dry Sand Only

Coinshooter in San Diego, CA - three stars

If this scoop is the short version, it's basically not a water scoop. If you use it for wet sand, the cheaply made area, where the bar attaches to the basket, will eventually break. The welding on these units is not great for the long term endurance in the water, but they are great scoops for the dry sand.

Aug 26, 2009