Fiskars (Gerber) 9669 Shovel Reviews, Price and Specifications

Treasure Hunting Shovel

Retail Price: $34.99

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Fiskars (Gerber) 9669 Shovel


  • All-steel construction for heavy-duty durability
  • Oversized step provides a secure and comfortable platform for your foot, allowing you to use your stronger leg muscles
  • Pre-sharpened blade cuts through the ground easier
  • Teardrop-shaped handle is easier to grip and reduces hand fatigue
  • Oversized D-shaped handle fits both hands for added comfort and control
  • Shovel blade is welded to the shaft for additional strength
  • Powder-coated steel prevents rust and is easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty

A Beast

Jason Sevene in Swanzey,NH - best

I own this unit and will say that if you can handle the weight, then there is no other comparison out there. This is a SERIOUS digging tool, and if you want to really tear up a site short of a backhoe, than this is a killer choice. The price is right as well... around $25.00 new. More of a specialty tool in my opinion.

Nov 27, 2009