Sun Ray Pro Gold Headphones Reviews, Price and Specifications

Headphones for Treasure Hunting

Retail Price: $109.95

Number of Reviews: 3

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Sun Ray Pro Gold Headphones


  • New Soft Leather Muffs - Longer life and more comfort
  • 26 Decibel Ambient Noise Reduction
  • High output 150 ohm (nominal impedance)
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Aluminum case construction with polymer cones for moisture and sweat protection
  • Dual 32 position "segmented or detent" volume controls
  • Limiter circuit on/off switch. (Reduces loud blasts from surface targets, while allowing the faintest of signal responses to be clearly heard.)
  • Mode selector switch makes the new Sun Ray Pro Gold compatible with most metal detectors
  • NEW TOGGLE SWITCH BOOTS keep moisture and dirt out of toggle switches
  • Comfortable, lightweight dual swivel point ear cups
  • Adjustable ribbed headband
  • Durable coiled cable w/ NEW EXTERNAL STRAIN RELIEF
  • 1/4" right angle, molded GOLD PLATED PLUG
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pro Golds

Ken in Houston - best

Very good quality and audio. No problems with seller. Only complaint was they were too tight and became uncomfortable to wear.

Oct 27, 2011
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Sunray Pro Golds

Wayne Walton in county durham,england, uk - two stars

Great sound ,light, but the cord/cable is rubbish. Mine went 3 times 2 at the headphone end and once at the jack plug end. For the money I payed - £90, I'm not impressed at all. I had to use an extension, but the movement still broke the wires. Another reason I went back to a XP GMP from e-trac. The WS1 are the best out there, sound and wireless.

Jan 05, 2010
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Not Happy

Ykw in NH,USA - one star

After putting them on, I felt like these headphones were of a child's size and way to tight. The cord was too short and tightly coiled to be a pain. The audio tones I got were way too high and fake sounding. I heard no good all around tones, Low, Medium, High....just tin like highs...not happy. I used these headphones once and then sold them immediately.

Jan 18, 2009
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