Gray Ghost DMC Headphones Reviews, Price and Specifications

Headphones for 2-Channel Audio Devices

Retail Price: $110.00

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Separate volume control for each channel
Heavy-duty earmuff-to-earmuff connection cable
Heavy-duty coiled cord with a special three conductor 1/4", 90 degree angle stereo connector
Compact carry and storage foldable design
. Heavy-duty polymer muffs with full-ear surround, soft comfortable cushions
Adjustable padded headband... no screws, no wire frame, no rust
Speakers designed for maximum sensitivity,efficiency,durability,and signal quality
Special built-in signal limiting circuitry on each channel to protect hearing from high volume hits
Warranty: Lifetime
Special DMC version designed for use with Nautilus DMC detectors or any two-channel audio equipment that presents different signals to each ear.