Sun Ray XL-1 Target Probe Reviews, Price and Specifications

Detector-Mounted Probe

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Fully compatible with both XLT and models using 6.592 khz
Accurate "Bullseye" pinpointing on coin size targets up to 3"+ deep
Light weight, waterproof/submersible 9" X 1" diameter probe mounts on top of upper shaft
Total overall weight: approx. 11 oz
Optional box mount probe clip attachment available
While the XL-1 probe is waterproof the switch box is water resistant and must not be submersed
Same connectors as White's
XL-1 incorporates all of the same functions as the stock coil including accurate visual and audible target ID
Quality high performance toggle switch
Coil and probe are never on at the same time
XL-1 switch box is conveniently mounted on detector pole attachment in a neutral position
No external buzzers, vibrators or lights - all target responses are heard through detector headphones
No extra batteries required as the XL-1 utilizes the detectors power source
Application: Beach/Surf Hunting; Cache Hunting; Coin Hunting; Ghost Town Hunting; Jewelry Hunting; Relic Hunting
Operating System: VLF
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Parts and Labor; Repaired in the USA