Bullseye II Pinpointer Reviews, Price and Specifications

Hand-Held Electronic Probe/Pinpointer

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Bullseye II Pinpointer


  • Fully automatic, Simple and efficient, the Bullseye is a silent search unit with an audio sound loud enough to feel in your hand.
  • Bullseye II speeds target recovery by quickly letting you know where the target is: in the bottom of the hole, side of the hole, turf flap, or in the pile of dirt removed from the hole.
  • Once the general location has been pinpointed with a conventional detector, near surface metals can easily be loacted with the Bullseye, avoiding serious digging altogether.

Good pin pointer

MD Genius in Usa - best

Mine will sound off almost 3 inches from the target if I use the audio. The audio/vibrate switch is located in the battery compartment. You also need to fine tune the knob located near the light. When getting a solid beep, back off the knob until the sound stops. The closer you set the knob to null, the more sensitive it becomes. Hope this helps the ones who won't read the manual:))

Apr 02, 2014


Ed in NE Pa... - best

I have had a White's Bull's Eye for a long time and it works just fine. You have to be a mongoloid to NOT know how to use this pinpointer. For the dunce that couldn't figure out WHY it was only buzzing and not making any noise: READ the manual! The pinpointer is only as good as the person using it.

Aug 22, 2012

Bullseye 2 Pinpointer

Andy White in lancs.U.K. - one star

This is pretty much a waste of money. Any metal detector would and should be capable of pinpointing a target, to a better degree than this is capable of. It should have been called "bull**it 2" because that is all it is. I feel like I have been ripped-off.

Jan 04, 2012

Jury Still Out

Artful1 in US - three stars

After purchasing the unit, using it for three outings, I see others on YouTube using it, and I hear audio. Mine must be broken right out of the box. I see no audio switches... what did I miss?
It vibrates, and the light works. Guess I'll call KellyCo on Monday.
As far as a previous reviewer stating you have to touch the item...simply not true. It has a fine tune adjustment and I can set this to vibrate an approx 1" from the target. It works fine.

Aug 11, 2011


Rik in North Carolina - best

The White's Bullseye 2 electronic pinpointing probe is a piece of trash!
I purchased one, didn't do my research, that was my fault. Called the White's headquarters, had to leave a message and didn't get a call back. Called again, left my 2nd message, did get a call back. The man I spoke with tried to tell me it was not a metal detector. Well, no it is not. But it should at least assist in "pinpointing" the target. You have to touch the target that you are trying to pinpoint for it to work. I can do that with my fingers.
The Bullseye 2 is a waste of money. Don't buy it!!! It is a piece of junk!

Mar 30, 2010


Guest in VA - one star

I have had 4 of them - all broke down - junk, junk, junk.

Feb 14, 2010

Absolute Junk

Tony in virginia - one star

You have to be touching the relic to get this probe to sound off.

Oct 11, 2009