Vibra-Probe 570 Reviews, Price and Specifications

Hand-Held Electronic Probe/Detector

Retail Price: $149.95

Number of Reviews: 5

Avg. Rating (3.8 Stars) average total

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Advanced Circuity
Soild Construction
Automatic PI Tuning
True Target Detection
Communicates with vibration
Detection depth stability
True target direction: detects at the tip only
Target distancing: The pulses increase in quantity as the probe tip gets closer to the target
Automatic tuning
Automatic On/Off: No push button switches
Waterproof: to a depth of 30 feet
Low battery indicator
Easy battery installation
Holster - Includes belt mountable holster for easy carrying
Warranty - 1 Year

Great For What It Is Designed

Sergei UpstateNY in Albany, NY USA - best
Vibra Probe 580 pinpointer is #2 in my arsenal of electronic probes/pinpointers. Although I use the Garrett Pro-Pointer - my #1 target recovery tool on land, most of the time, sometimes adverse weather or metal detecting conditions require usage of a very robust and waterproof device such as the Vibra Probe 580 pinpointer. So I have three good reasons to use the Pulse Induction Vibra Probe 580 pinpointer on land even though this electronic pinpointer was originally designed for underwater treasure hunting. If you are interested to read details, please visit my page: (just copy this link and paste it into your browser window)

Jan 02, 2013
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No ON or OFF Switch

Shorty 2 in mi - one star
The problem I have with the 570 is I can't turn it off. The Auto Shut-Off takes too long and interferes with my detector till it does turn off.

Apr 10, 2010
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Vibra-Probe 570, One Word - Awesome!

Rick in Charlotte, NC - best
It's well made and I'm finding coins much faster. I get detection at about 2 inches. I like the automatic on and off feature, makes using it pretty easy. It came with a nice holster to carry it on your belt. I like it and I don't think I could hunt without it anymore. Very cool probe.

Apr 23, 2008
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Vibra probe a great pinpointer

Steve from Ohio in Cleveland, ohio - best
Just got my new Vibraprobe 570 and I love it! It works as it is supposed to. The Vibraprobe 570 is a PI unit and so does not discriminate and that is OK with me. I use my main detector to tell me what is in the ground and then the Vibraprobe 570 to find it when digging. To start it, you just point it up for three seconds and it automatically turns on. After a minute of non use, it automatically turns off. It tells you when it turns off by vibrating two short bursts. There are several vibration patterns. It starts to vibrate when within about 1.75 inches of a target. At that range, it gives short bursts of vibration. As you get closer, the vibration gets more intense and more frequent. When the target is at the very tip of the Vibraprobe 570, the vibration is constant. It is nice to have this unit when detecting especially at dusk or dawn when seeing a dirty coin or relic is the hardest. I also do some fresh and salt water detecting and because the Vibraprobe 570 is waterproof to 30 feet, I plan on using it quite often in the water. The Vibraprobe 570 does interfere with the detector and so I keep the Vibraprobe 570 at least two feet away from the coil of my main detector. Once you learn this, then the Vibraprobe 570 really becomes a tool that you will decide you needed all along. In general, probes have helped me cut down my digging time and I am sure any probe will do the same for you. I have found that the Vibraprobe 570 is the best probe I have had the pleasure to use and I have used several over the years.

Apr 18, 2008
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No Discrimination

Mike in sanantoiniotxusa - three stars
The unit is user freindly and water proof, but only penetrates 1" deep. It does work great if you dig everything, but it has no discrimination feature to eliminate trash.

Jan 20, 2008
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