Vibra-Tector 730 Reviews, Price and Specifications

Hand-Held Electronic Probe/Detector

Retail Price: $169.95

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Vibra-Tector 730


  • Advanced Circuity
  • Soild Construction
  • Automatic PI Tuning
  • Communicates with vibration and light
  • Detection depth stability
  • Target distancing
  • Automatic tuning
  • Tilt On/Off
  • Waterproof: to a depth of 30 feet
  • Low battery indicator
  • Easy battery installation
  • Compact design
  • Compact 4 inch coil
  • Belt ring and wrist strap
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Great Purpose Specific Detector!

Stephen S in Kingsport, TN USA - best

I have been metal detecting for about 5 years and started water detecting about 3 years ago. I have found numerous gold and silver and, of course, many many junk rings and chains in lakes and the ocean.
I own two of the top of the line detectors and use them for most of my water hunting. Now, onto the Vibra-Tector 730. I saw this piece of equipment on the internet and am familiar with the other pin-pointers that this company sells, I don't own them but have seen lots of treasure hunters that do. I thought this would be nice to use in places that it would be inconvenient to use the full size detector and a long handled scoop, such as in a crowded resort swimming area. I have a couple of places near me that will not allow you to use a conventional detector during peak swimming hours. I ordered the detector thinking that $150 wouldn't be too much to lose if it didn't work out.
I received the package in the mail in just a few days, it was packaged in a nice box and included an easy to read instruction manual and a 9 volt battery! I read the short manual, put the battery in the detector, and turned it on. Now I knew from my experience with metal detectors that pulse induction detectors (which this is one) do not "air test" very well, that is they don't detect at a great distance in the air, but typically do better in real world conditions as metals in a sand or ground matrix give better signals. It did work adequatley in the air test so I grabbed my mask and snorkel and headed to a lake swim area.
I had visited this swim area many times during the season and had made some nice finds during the peak of the season, but school had since started back and I had very few finds in my last couple of trips there with NO rings found. I waded out into the water and got into my mask and snorkel, turned the Vibra-Tector on and slipped under the water. After several minutes, I had only a few large pull tabs to show for my efforts. I thought to myself, "one more pass out and back and I'm leaving". Now I was satisfied that the unit worked as advertised at this point as it would pulsate and the light would flash upon going over those pull tabs. On my last trip out, I got the familiar pulsating of the Vibra-Tector and the light was flashing, I fanned away some sand expecting to find another pull tab, but this time it was a silver ring!
I am completely satisfied that this will find things. You just have to take your time and be thorough with the small coil, but while snorkeling this is a pleasure. I'm not sure you will get a whole lot more than 3"-4" on a coin- or ring-sized object but most items in swim areas and such are not much deeper than 3"-4". And this definitely beats not getting to hunt at all which is what the scenario for some of the areas I mentioned previously would be without it. For snorklers and divers who just want to have a detector for occasional use, this is a great choice as oppossed to $1,300 or more for a full sized water detector. For water hunters that want to add another "tool to the tool box", this is a great one to add. Bottom line, Get It!

Aug 22, 2011