Shark Marine Seawolf 2 ROV Reviews, Price and Specifications

Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle

Retail Price (in Canadian Dollars): $119,000.00

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Vehicle Dimensions: 60" X 40" X 40"
Vehicle Weight: 650 lbs
Controller Dimensions: 22" x 21" X 9"
Controller Weight: 45 lbs
Hand Control Dimensions: 8" x 8" X 3"
Hand Control Weight: 2 lbs.
Hand Control Cable length: 25 Feet standard (longer optional)
Neutral Umbilical Description: Neutrally Buoyant 1000 lb strength menber
Neutral Umbilical Size: 0.8"
Neutral Umbilical Length: 500 feet standard (up to 20,000 feet optional)
Neutral Umbilical Weight: 110 lb per 500 feet
Horizontal Thrusters: 2 - 2 HP standard (higher HP or quantity optional)
Vertical Thrusters: 2 - 2 HP standard (higher HP or quantity optional)
Lighting: 2 - 250 watt standard (additional optional)
Camera: 10:1 zoom and .0003 lux standard (many other optional including 3D)
On Screen Display: Time, Date, Heading, depth in feet and metres, turns, auto-settings, payout
Scanning Sonar: Pre-wired for plug and play operation
Depth Rating: 2000 feet standard (others optional)
The Sea-Dragon ROV features a modular design for ease of maintenance and adding of additional equipment. The ROV is powered by 4 - 2HP thrusters, and has 500 watts of forward and 250 watts of rear lighting.
The ROV can be equipped with multiple cameras for forward, rear, arm, 3D, and zoom options. The umbilical is of Fibre Optic design allowing for long cable lengths.
Base SeaWolf 2 ROV including high-res colour camera with pan and tilt,
500 foot umbilical, topside computer controller with ability to process additional PC based options, 10.6" daylight readable screen, built-in Hi-definition DV recording deck with 5" x 7" LCD, USB out, jpg / mpeg capture, wireless remote control, basic spares kit.

Options Price List (prices are in Canadian Dollars):

Optional, Replace Colour Camera with Ultra low light B&W, .0003 lux. - $ 1,595
Optional Dual Cameras, High Res. Colour And Ultra Low Light B&W - $ 2,235
Optional Manipulator (dual function) - $ 5,000
Comprehensive Spare parts kit - includes thruster driver - $ 6,300
Spare thruster assembled and tested - $10,000
Laser scaling unit (2 laser system) includes cabling and control - $2,765
System shipping case for vehicle, cable, topside and spares - $1,695
Additional 500 feet of umbilical for total of 1000 feet (3000' max) - $5,000
Longer than 3000' requires video enhancement option - $1,900
1124 Cable reel, manual drive with SW slipring - $9,045
1124 Reel as above but with hp drive motor (other options available) - $12,050
852 mini-scanning sonar for ROV positioning - $7,025
881 Scanning sonar for target locating, measuring and positioning - $15,045
P450 Multibeam Imaging Sonar, target locating, inspection - $26,255
P900 Multibeam Imaging Sonar, target locating, detailed inspection - $29,395
Pan / tilt mount for inspection sonars - $8,995
DF1030 Sub-bottom profiler with mounting frame and flotation - $27,995
Metal thickness gauge - 1600' rating - $6,995
Sediment Core sampler unit - $27,450
Many other sonars and sensors are available depending on customer application
Training at our facilities in St. Catharines (2 days) $ N/C
Training at customer facility (Varies with costs incurred)

Other options available include:

Tracking systems - LBL, SBL, USBL
Enhanced Thruster Package
Deep diving option
Digital still camera packages
Hull scanning and security configuration
Hitch mounted launch/retrieval system
Custom designed features

Cheap as Chips!

Monty Full in deep yorkshire laddy - good
just bought one of these bad boys and took it on the back field. I found 20 pence, hair clip and a lighter. Not really what I had in mind. I think I will go back to the Garrett Ace. But this one makes a great foot rest under my computer desk, so, for that reason, I give this bad baby 4 stars.

Mar 10, 2011
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