Shark Marine Yellow Fin Side-scan Sonar Reviews, Price and Specifications

Boat-Towed Side-scan Sonar

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• 3 Operational Frequencies
• Towfish Construction: Molded Polyurethane and anodized aluminum
• Ballast: Standard diver belt weights (available at dive stores)
• Balance: By moving the tow yoke to a balance point
• Towfish Depth: 300 metres (1000 ft)
• Containerized Tether Management System
• Range: 1000 meters (3000 ft) of cable in a ship-able package
• High Resolution
• Power: 12 Volts DC at 500 mA
• Communication: RS-232C serial interface
• Computer: Pentium 100MHz or better (not included)
• Display Colours: Colour, Grayscale, Reverse Grey, Yellow/Brown
A deep water version of the “Sport Scan” side scan sonar system. The deep water system YellowFin is depth rated to 300 meter.