C Scope CS 3MX Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $425.00 (£208.99)

Number of Reviews: 21

Avg. Rating (4.7 Stars) best rated

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  • Discrimination control with 'All Metal' position
  • Pin-point mode (Non-motion, all metal)
  • Belt mountable
  • Highly tuned electronics
  • Adjustable stem length
  • Counterbalanced stem with armrest
  • Automatic motion retune
  • Headphone socket
  • Weatherproof design
  • Operating Frequency: 17kHz
  • Search coil: 20cm ISOCON search head
  • Battery Power: 8 x AA 1.5 volt
  • Weight: 2.1Kg (4.2lbs)
  • Ideal For: Professional and amateur, serious beginners, inland use


Digger in uk - three stars

I have been using 3mx for about a year, found it usless on depth and small coins. Don't bother if you want a deep machince or have trashy sites. Stay clear from this so called deep machine. It's as good as £800 ones. You get what you pay for and you definitley do with this machine NOTHING.

Aug 01, 2010
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CScope 3MX vs. Garrett ACE250

Dazza in UK - best

I was torn between the CS3mx and ACE250. After using a friend's Ace250 on a number of occasions, I found it to be a really good all round machine. However, one thing I had a big problem with was pinpointing targets, which got a little frustrating at times. So in the end, I decided to go with the CS3mx and as of yet have no regrets. After 3 or 4 outings I've learned the machine well. It spits or gets a signal one way but not the other on iron. It warbles on hot rocks and gives a good clean signal on a good target. A very sensitive machine! I've been amazed at times when finding small lead splatters at good depths. Due to the time of year, I haven't had the best sites to search but later in the year I believe this machine will be great for finding small hammered coins.

Jun 13, 2010
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Muddy Boots in England - best

I have been a detectorist for 30 odd years and had every detector going. I sold my Goldmaxx and ADX 250 and took a break from detecting, untill I read up on the 3MX a few months back and bought one. For thoes that claim it to be no good, think again. It has depth and finds just as much as any other detector. It just seems that most people can't use a detector right to get top results. As for claiming the 3MX is the top detector, you read too many stories it's a crap machine for the money. They all are written by people that don't understand how to operate it. 3MX is a un sung hero of a true detector made in England for English soil.

Apr 12, 2010
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No Depth

the King in cambridgeshire uk - three stars

It is an easy Turn-On-and-Go machine. I only had it for a few weeks, and now I'm getting rid of it because it is usless on depth. I had a Fisher f4 before the 3mx, and Fisher was a lot deeper and more clearer on the signal. Now I'm going back to the f4.

Mar 07, 2010
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Very Good Report

Brunod 1 in east riding uk - best

I have not yet bought a CS3MX as I am using a Tesoro at the moment. But I have borrowed one from my friend to use while my Tesoro is being repaired. I must say that the CS3MX is a joy to use and is as good as my 2 Tesoro's costing nearly double the price. It is very sensitive, and power lines don't bother this machine. I have found a cut hammered under power lines where my other machines don't like going. It is a very good detector, and, as for the price it can't be beaten. I will be getting a CS3MX as soon as I can. Well done C Scope!

Oct 19, 2009
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Not as good as they say it is!

Seasider in Devon, UK - three stars

Don't expect the 30cm detecting depth for an old penny in the air test or up to this distance for typical items as quoted on C Scope's web site. Good responce on small gold and silver. Maximum air tested range for all coins found to be no more than 9" and that was with a cartwheel penny. With a speedy responce to items, this is a good detector to start out with. However, this resonably new model is still no better than a 20 year old Fieldmaster that it was going to replace. If yours does work better, please post, I would love to hear that!

Jun 18, 2009
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A Cheap But GREAT Detector

Rancidg in Lincolnshire ,UK - best

Superlight, and an unbelievably good detector for the price. Gone over land previously detected with much more expensive machines and yet made plenty of good finds. I was amazed. I didn`t hold much hope for this machine when putting it together as it only has a locking colar but no locating pin, and the hand grip kept spinning on the stem when I raised the machine to carry it. However, the little 3mx has blown me away in the field and that is where it matters. It is simple to set up, has great discrimination and very positive target signals. Great stuff C-Scope.

May 21, 2009
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CS3MX Sharp and Sensitive

Widescan in Kent ,England. - best

I wanted a back-up machine so decided on a 3mx, I was not disappionted. Easy to use, sharp and responsive, good discrimination, hip mountable, 12v power and good depth. First time out, my mate laughed at me, but by the end of the day, I had one hammered coin, a nice medieval key and some copper coins, far more than him, and he was using a machine three times the price!!. The only problem is that my new back-up machine has now become my main machine... I cannot put it down! The 3mx keeps me digging and suits my style of detecting and for £209 you can't go wrong. Highly recommend it.

May 07, 2009
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