Treasure Baron TF 900 Automatic Reviews, Price and Specifications

2-Box Detector Metal Detector

Retail Price: $749.95

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Treasure Baron TF 900 Automatic


  • Dual Frequency operating modes: 12.5 kHz and 73.5 kHz
  • Built in speaker and 1/4 inch headphone jack
  • Automatic LED Battery Test Light
  • Handle mounted push button for easy "thumb-set" control
  • Ground reject VLF circuitry and ground reject control
  • Sensitivity control
  • Factory preset electronic null circuitry
  • Snap together all aluminum construction
  • Tone adjustment control
  • Two automatic tuning/pinpoint modes
  • Durable baked-on powder coat finish
  • Single 9-volt 6 cell "AA" battery pack
  • 20-40 hour battery life
  • Weighs only 6 pounds
  • One Year warranty

TF-900 review

Jay J in ct usa - three stars

I own this detector, having bought one about 4 years ago. Purchased it because it was cheaper than the 808, and Gemini 3. Well, I'm giving it 3 stars for right now, mostly because it is a very sensitive md to work with. However, having studied the manual a little more, and putting more time under my belt, I will say this 2-box is starting to surprise me with how accurate it is. Apparently quite a few hours is needed to get to know it and to get a feel for it. Don't all md companies say to spend time getting to know your detector? Very accurate pinpointing, as I am finding out. Be a bookworm and study and re-read your manual. Has a few features the 808 doesn't. Discovery has gone out of business, so I can't buy the opt cable tracing thing. Did I even need it? I bought some cheap foam pipe insulation and wrapped my TF with it, to protect it against brush, sticks, scratches, cause I want mine to stay new. But to anyone with one of these, I think that the more you use this, the better it will get, so I think my review will go to 5 stars eventually. And no, mine is not for sale...

Jul 13, 2013
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