Predator III Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $599.95

Number of Reviews: 2

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6.4 kHz Very Low Frequency
Power: Two 9V Batteries
Weighs only 2 Ibs. 12 oz
Visual Target Identifications Meter
Dual Target Alert Lights
8.5" Predator Coil
Microprocessor automatic operation
LCD twin 10-segment notch scales
LCD Target Center instant pinpointing
Full range discrimination...ignores foil, nails, bottle caps and pull tabs
Adjustable detection depth and sensitivity
Interchangeable searchcoil capability
Loudspeaker for clear target response
Headphone Jack
Surface-mount PC board
Adjustable aluminum shaft
High-impact housing ' Battery condition alert
Deluxe padded hand grip
Padded armrest
3 year Warranty Parts & Labor

Biggest Joke of A Detector

Neal Hatfield in Utah - one star
This detector was a joke. I had this detector on the advice of a sales person. This detector won't detect anything deeper than about 2"-3". The beep, regardless of depth, is the same volume. Pinpointing is almost impossible considering that the units beep is the same length regardless of where the object is under the coil. The LED's on the front of the unit are no help whatsoever. The unit is way over priced for what you get. Don't waste your money on this detector.

Feb 11, 2009
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Traded It for a Garrett 250

Ed Kidder in lewiston idaho - one star
I bought this detector and, after about an hour of detecting, I saw that it would barely beep even at my steel toe boot at about 2 inches. While watching a friend with her new Ace 250 getting great results, I was thinking, "That's what I need!" So I traded (up).

Feb 24, 2008
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