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Underwater/Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $795.95

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▪ Concentric 10 Inch neutral buoyancy searchcoil
▪ Dual underwater headphone for land and water
▪ State-of-the-art highest reliable circuitry
▪ Operating frequency 12.5 kHz
▪ Automatic ground balancing
▪ Adjustable discrimination - eliminate trash
▪ Target response light for battery test and visual detection of in-ground targets
▪ Audio Target detection through headphone
▪ On-Off control with built-in detection depth control
▪ Built-in automatic battery testing circuit
▪ Operates on a 9-volt Battery
▪ Lightweight at only 4.2 lbs
▪ Powder coated upper and lower stems
▪ Arm Rest with rubber cushions
▪ Adjustable lower stem with locking ring
▪ Extended length of metal detector is 46 inches
▪ Collapsed length is 40 inches
▪ 5 Year Warranty


Hunter Goldie in Not Submitted - best
I havn't bought it yet, but on kellyco it goes for $339.95, and, hey, thats a great deal! 132 feet under water! That's awsome! Well I hope all you people have good luck! Wish me luck! Good luck hunting! My best find was a half inch thick 20k gold dimond incrusted chain neclace. That proves there is treasure out there, so go get it! I got $17,000 for the gold alone! The dimonds were 1/2 carat and valued at about $15,000.

Apr 14, 2011
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