Troy Shadow X3 Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

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Troy Shadow X3


  • Ultra-Light Weatherproof Design
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs With Battery
  • Turn-On-and-Go Operation
  • Fixed Pre-Set Ground Balance
  • Silent Search Operation
  • VLF Fast Response
  • Target Check
  • VCO Pinpoint (Non Motion)
  • Audio Discriminator: Full Range (All-Metal)
  • Operating Frequency: 19 kHz
  • Frequency Shifter: 170 hz Above and Below 19 kHz
  • Standard Search Coil: Waterproof 7-Inch Round Concentric Donut
  • Search Coil Compatibility: 9-Inch Accessory Round Concentric and Future TCD Accessary Coils
  • Coil Cable Length: Approximately 3 ft 6 Inches (42 Inches)
  • Audio Frequency: Approximately 550 Hz
  • Audio Output: 1-1/2 inch Weatherproof Speaker and a 1/4 inch Weatherproof Headphone Jack
  • Battery Requirement: Single 9 Volt (Alkaline or Lithium)
  • Battery Life (Typical): 25 Hours (Alkaline); 50 hours (Lithium)
  • Battery Compartment: Drop-In Weatherproof (No Wires or Connectors) Holds Alkaline or Lithium
  • Battery Door: Weatherproof with Positive Lock Fastener
  • Battery Test: On-Demand Variable Audio Tone
  • Control Housing: Internal RFI Shielding and Weatherproof
  • Pushbutton Switch: Weatherproof
  • Toggle Switches: Weatherproof With Internal 0-Ring in Actuator
  • Control Knobs: With O-Ring and Tension Adjustable
  • Optimum Temperature: 30 to 100 degrees F
  • Optimum Humidity: 0 to 100% R. H.
  • Rod Design: 3 Piece Knock-Down with Locking Ring Stabilizers
  • Arm Cup: Anodized Aluminum; Adjustable, Forward and Backward and To Arm Size
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Briliant Machine

Michael Pond in christchurch dorset u.k. - best

This detector outperformes many top machines on Roman sites. The Troy X3 is not just land metal detector. It's good on Dorset beaches and wet sand unlike some compicated ground balancing machines. On land, I discovered 52 silver roman coins and donated them to Hampshire museum.

Aug 20, 2010
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