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All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

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Tesoro Cortes


  • Operating Frequency: 10 kHz
  • Searchcoil Type: Concentric
  • Searchcoil Size: 9" x 8"
  • Cable Length: Approx. 3ft.
  • Audio Frequency Target ID Tones: Approx. 350 to 800 Hz
  • Audio Frequency All Metal VCO: Approx. 350 to 950 Hz
  • Audio Output: 1-1/2 inch speaker and head-phone jack
  • Headphone Compatibility: 1/4" stereo plug
  • Weight: 2.98 lbs.
  • Battery Requirement: Eight AA batteries
  • Battery Life (typical): 10 to 20 hours
  • Optimum Temperature Range: 30° to 100° F
  • Optimum Humidity: 0 to 75% R.H.
  • Operating Modes: No Motion All Metal, Silent Search Discriminate, Sum, Notch Narrow/Wide
  • Lifetime Warranty

Cortes Has Never Let Me Down!

Sergei from Upstate NY in Albany, NY USA - best

Tesoro Cortes is still my primary metal detector for Relic Hunting. Its "love" for iron targets allows a relic hunter to hear a difference between a small and a large square nails! Also all coins give a nice solid "pop" signal which could not be confused with a "coin" signal produced by a rusty iron target. The machine is easy to operate because of its "Turn-On-and-Go" Feature (Manual Ground Balance is also available), and turning knobs allow to change settings fast. Its light weight makes it possible to metal detect for hours without fatigue. It's an optimal machine for Competition Hunts. For more details and operational tips please read my complete review (copy the link and paste it in your browser window): http://metaldetectingworld.com/metal_detector.shtml

Nov 24, 2007
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