Canada Colonial Bank Tokens

09- 1857 One Half Penny Bank Of Upper Canada St. George Token

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Bank of Upper Canada Token 1857 - the halfpenny and penny from the province of Canada are the most common tokens (some 300 minor varieties) of colonial Canada. The tokens show St. George slaying the dragon on the obverse. The reverse has a complex set of devices. In the center, an anchor and sword cross a vertical Indian peace pipe. At the base, left and right are cornucopias. At the top right a British union jack is folded. A crown is top center. "R K and CO" is on the obverse (above the date under the hoof) for Rowe Kentish and Co, the agents who brokered the token deal. The coins are well made for the era, with deep strikes.

Source: The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Colonial Tokens